How to place your order.

Always make sure you select the plan first, to do this simply click the box to the left of the price then go to the upload link, and go ahead and upload all of your images you want us to work on for you.  The quantity will be automatically filled in.

Once you have made payment your email will be sent directly to Us.  In the order notification we will have your image (s) automatically uploaded.

Please be sure to use a valid email and send us your phone number so if we have any questions we can contact you.

Commercial Photography this is the best

service we could offer. Take the worries

out of your Photographs... get the results

you need.

1. Reddish tent (Color Correction)removal from the face. $10.00 per image How many Images? 

2. Cloning... teeth brightening, eyes whitening.  $10.00 per image How many images? 

3. Hair touch up. $15.00 per image How many images?

4. Makeup and hair $225.00 half days.

5. Studio fees... $75.00 per hour. Two hour min.

6. Lighting $125.00 per hour.

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